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Griffon Alpha’s Price of Services is a subject of discussion. We always take into consideration many factors, such as, complexity of the task, location of the project or event, days of the week and hours of the day the service will be provided, level of training of personnel required, length of shifts, amount of staff, technology and consumables required for the job, supervision and paperwork preparation requirements, etc.

In Griffon Alpha we use an individual approach to each Client. We understand that each entity has its own financial possibilities and necessities. Where Exon Mobil is ready to pay millions for helicopter based security surveillance, the Private Party organiser has a sort of “lower budget” and requirements.

Our managers are ready to come to you any time to build the most accurate obligation free custom quote. They can tailor the service to the project’s needs by advising Client what is really necessary but what can be cut. Griffon Alpha uses Cost Effective Methods of jobs’ organisation but keeps the highest level of services.

Griffon Alpha can quote Client’s request based on information sent by email, FAX, mail or over the phone. Or you can submit your request through our “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us” pages.

We can assure our Clients that Griffon Alpha’s prices are most competitive on the market. We keep our rates transparent and easy to administer for both parties. Once quoted you will not be surprised by unknown or hidden costs on Tax Invoice arrival.