About Griffon Alpha Group

Griffon Alpha’s philosophy is to deliver the best possible service across the industry by all means. Any challenge is treated as a present of destiny. We are not afraid of any difficulties but deliberately looking for them. We are proud of our successful achievements and we never stop working at self-improvement. The budget of Griffon managers’ energy is endless. We work hard for our Clients in order to provide a hassle-free, reliable, professional security service at all times.

At the same time Griffon Alpha Group constantly searches, monitors and analyses the market in order to stay competitive among our rivals regarding range of services, technology used and the cost. Our Clients can always enjoy the best quality of services provided at the cost effective manner.

Upper management of the company understands the importance of continuous investments into the business. New technologies, plant and equipment, managers and employees training programs, certifications are just some of investment areas. Griffon Alpha possesses a large fleet of security marked vehicles, guards tour management systems, video and sound recording equipment, GPS tracking devices, radio/mobile means of communication. All of these help us to stay on the “Top 10” security providers’ list.

Griffon Alpha Group is always looking for the best human resources on Western Australia Market. All our personnel are experienced and have the required skills to perform duties at outstanding level. We are continuously providing training to our Security Officers during their employment with us. We trust that large portion of Griffon Alpha’s success rests upon our employees’ performance.

Griffon Alpha’s Security Officers hold valid Security Officer/Crowd Control Licenses, Senior First Aid certificates, General Safety Inductions (White Card), Police Cleared and fully uniformed (including all necessary PPE). As any given project or event has its own requirements, safety issues and particulars our staff can undergo the Site Specific Inductions, medical examinations as well as other required training – Fire Warden, Traffic Management, DG Handling, Emergency Response, etc.

Our management team will carefully select the right personnel in accordance with Client’s requirements. We will ensure that our Clients are provided with Security Officers who meet the industry standards based on the following criteria: similar site experience, good communication skills, safety focus, appropriate training, physical fitness and appearance.

Griffon Alpha Group has developed and consistently uses its own internal Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Program, Set of Security Operation Procedures and other documentations. It gives to our managers the control of the company’s positive progress and helps employees to learn new methods of operation in any type of environment.